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ACE-L fluid head, by Sachtler
Atomos ATOMCFT128 1x 128GB 1.0 Cfast Card
Atomos Samurai Blade Camera-Mounted Recorder Monitor WFM & Deck Man # ATOMOSMB001
ProMediaGear Boomerang Flash Bracket for taller bodies or cameras w/ grip BBGv2-PBX3 Black
ProMediaGear Boomerang Flash Bracket for taller bodies or cameras w/ grip BBGv2-PBX3-R Red color
ProMediaGear Boomerang Flash Bracket for taller bodies or cameras w/ grip BBGv2-PBX3-T Titanium color
AKG DMS 800 Digital D7 Vocal Set BD1
AKG DMS 800 Digital Performer Set BD1
AKG DMS 800 Digital Wireless system Stage Set BD1
AKG DMS 800 Digital Wireless System, D5 Vocal Set BD1
AKG DMS 800 Mix Digital Wireless Set D5 WL1
AKG PR4500 ENG BD1 Wireless Eng System
AKG WMS 4500 Reference Wireless System CK77 Set BD1
Arri 650W Fresnel light kit pre owned 3 light kit
Arri FMM-2 Cine Follow Focus Kit ( Pre owned )
Arri Kobold Reporter light DLF 200
Arri LMB 25 Matte Box Kit ( Pre owned)
Atlas 2 rod camera stabilization system
Atomos ATOMH2S002 HDMI to SDI Converter
Atomos ATOMS2H002 SDI to HDMI Converter
Atomos Ronin Duo Rack mountable monitor, recorder man # ATOMRON201
Atomos Ronin Portable Recorder/Player/Monitor Man # ATOMRON001
Atomos ATOMCAD001 Master Caddy HDD/SSD Case
Atomos ATOMCFA001 CFast Card Reader
Atomos ATOMCFT064 1x 64GB 1.0 Cfast Card Man# ATOMCFT064
Atomos CONNECT-AC-H2S AC-powered HDMI to HD-SDI Converter Man# ATOMACH001
Atomos CONNECT-AC-S2H AC-powered HD-SDI to HDMI Converter Man# ATOMACS001
Atomos Ninja Assassin a 7 inch 4K/HD/HDMI record, play, edit, monitor
Atomos Ninja Blade HDMI recorder / monitor man# ATOMNJB001
Atomos Ninja-2 HDMI field recorder, monitor for DSLR and camera's Man # ATOMOSNJA003
Atomos Powerstation for Atomos Monitors/Recorders and Camera Accessories Man # ATOMPWS001i
Atomos Shogun 4k HDMI / SDI Pro.Res. 7 inch Recorder/ Monitor man # ATOMSH001
Atomos Shogun Action Pack - Black Sunhood
Atomos Shogun Action Pack - Yellow Sunhood atomshap01
Atomos Shogun Bare bones ATOMSHGBB1
Azden 200UPR receiver with 10BT transmitter with Sony Mic. ECM 44
Black Box KVM CAT 5 Extender
Bodypack-Lavalier Mic ENG package, CH42 UWPD11/42
Britek GY 650 , G 300 lights with barn doors
Bron Kobold 200 HMI kit pre owned
Canon CN- E14.5 - 60mm PL mount Cine Zoom Lens ( opened Box Item)
Canon EOS A7D Aquatica Underwater Package
Canon XC10 13.36 MP Ultra HD Camcorder - 4K ( Open Item)
Christie LX 100 10,000 lum projector
Cinevate SIMP0003 DSLR Rig
Clear Com RMK-1
Comstar XT Double Headset Opened item only.
CVM-22 Heavy Duty 22” Gooseneck Flex Arm
Drift 2 way remote control
Drift action camera suction cup
Drift curved adhesive x 5
Drift Flat adhesives x 5
Drift Ghost battery
Drift Ghost S HD Action camera 1080 at 60 FPS
Drift Ghost S waterproof case
Drift Goggle mount
Drift Handlebar mount
Drift Head Strap mount
Drift Monopod
Drift Protective Carrying Case
Drift Rollbar mount
Drift Shoulder mount
Drift Stedicam smoothee
Drift surf FCS mount
Drift Surf mount
Drift Time Lapse
Drift vented helmet mount
Eartec Comstar XT 5 Wireless Intercom System
Eartec Comstar XT 3 Wireless Intercom System
Eartec Comstar XT 4 Wireless Intercom System
Eartec Comstar XT-3 Complete 3 Person System with Double Headsets
Eartec COMSTAR XT-3 Three Person Wireless System
Eartec COMSTAR XT-7 - All-In-One Headset System for 7 Persons - 4 Single Ear - 3 Dual Ear Headsets
Elmech / Sachtler 2 stage Steel Tripod Legs with mid-level spreader
Genelec 7050A Active Sub woofer ( pre owned )
Genelec 8030A Pre owned , priced per pair
GRIP&SHOOT Bluetooth zoom handle for smart phone
Gripandshoot Bluetooth smart grip for Iphones
JTL Everlights , stands and case
JVC GY HD200U HDV camcorder with SxS drive and more
JVC GY HM200SP 4K sports production camera with score entry
JVC GY HM600U ( pre owned) HD camcorder
JVC GY HM700CHU HD Camcorder
JVC GY HM700U with lens , batteries, tripod kit
Kino Flo Barfly 200 location and studio lighting kit Pre owned
Lexicon MC12
LitePanel Axiom LED lighting kit Pre owned
Lowell Flourescent Light system E-Studio6 FLE-600SF
Mackie Onyx 3280 mixer
Marshall CV 500 M2 MINI POV Broadcast 2MP 1/3” CMOS Camera
Marshall CV150 CS 1/3-inch 2.1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
Marshall CV150 CSB MICRO 2MP POV Camera 1/3”CMOS Sensor with CS Mount
Marshall CV150 PH MICRO 2MP POV Camera 1/3”CMOS Sensor
Marshall CV342-CSB / CS 2.2MP Full-HD Compact Broadcast HD-SDI Camera
Marshall CV350-5XB / CV350-5X 2.3MP Broadcast 5X Optical Zoom AF Compact Camera
Marshall CV360-CGB 2MP HDSDI/HDMI Broadcast Camera
Marshall CV500-MB-2 Full-HD 2MP Mini-Broadcast Camera 1080p60/59.94/50fps, 1080i60/59.94/50,
Marshall CVM- 11 Articulating Arm
Marshall CVM 150 MB MICRO 2MP POV Camera 1/3”CMOS Sensor
Marshall CVM 200 M 2.1MP Full-HD Broadcast HD-SDI Lipstick POV
Marshall CVM 200MB MINI Lipstick Camera 2MP 1/3” CMOS with 3.6mm M12 Lens
Marshall CVM 7 7” Articulating Arm: single point locking, 1/4”-20 to 1/4”-20
Marshall CVM-10 Heavy Duty Pro Stand-Clamp (1/4"-20)
Marshall CVM-12 Heavy Duty C-Clamp (1/4"-20 & 3/8" female)
Marshall CVM-15 Wall Mount Plate (1/4-inch screw hole)
Marshall CVM-20 Heavy Duty Spring Clamp (1/4"-20)
Marshall V-4325 25mm F2.5 Hi Res M12 Mount - approx. 11° AOV
Marshall V-4350-2.5 50mm F2.5 Hi Res M12 Mount - approx 5.6° AOV
Marshall V-4402.5-2.5-HR 2.5mm F2.5 Hi Res M12 Mount - approx. 90° AOV
Marshall V-4403 .0-2.0-HR 3.0mm F2.0 Hi Res M12 Mount - approx. 78° AOV
Marshall V-4404.3-1.8-HR 4.3mm F1.8 Hi Res M12 Mount - approx. 60° AOV
Marshall V-4405.6-2.0-HR 5.6mm F2.1 Hi Res M12 Mount - approx. 47° AOV
Marshall V-4408.0-2.0-HR 8.0mm F2.0 CS Mount with IR Cut Filter - approx. 34° AOV
Marshall V-4412.0-2.0-HR 12mm F2.0 Hi Res M12 Mount - approx. 23° AOV
Marshall V-4704.0-2MP-VIS-IR 4.0mm F2.0 HD M12 Mount 2MP - approx. 63° AOV
Marshall V-4705.0-2MP-VIS-IR 5.0mm F2.0 HD M12 Mount 2MP - approx. 52° AOV
Marshall V-4706.0-2MP-VIS-IR-1 6.0mm F2.0 HD M12 Mount 2MP - approx. 44° AOV
Marshall V-4706.0-2MP-VIS-IR-1 6.0mm F2.0 HD M12 Mount 2MP - approx. 44° AOV
Marshall V-PS12V-0.2512V 0.25A AC for Miniature/Compact HD-SDI Cameras
Marshall VS-PTC-50 Mini RS-485 Controller Joystick for CV500/CV342/CV340/CV360/CV330/CV335/CV350
Miller Arrow HD with aluminum 2 stage legs
Miller DS 30 with Carbon Fiber tripod
Miller DS 60 150mm head with alum tripod
MustHD M 601H 6 inch HDMI monitors 1200 x 800 res.
NanoGrip The Sticky Pad uses no glues leaves no residues
Ninja Star Atomos CFast recorder man # ATOMNJS001
NRG lighting kit
Panasonic AG AF100P
Panasonic AG AF100P with Tokina lens and adapter
Panasonic AG AF-105 with adapters and lens's
Panasonic AG HPX 250P
Panasonic AG HPX 255P HD Camcorder comes with Battery, remote Ac Adapter, low hrs.
Panasonic AGHMX100PJ-NH SDI mixer ( opened Item)
Panasonic AG-HPG10 P2 Portable Memory Card recorder ( open Box Item)
Panasonic AJ SD93 DVC Pro portable recorder
Panasonic AJ-HPM110 P2 Mobile Recorder Player ( open box)
Panasonic HVX 200U with Cartoni Tripod, Sennheiser EW100 wireless and more
Panasonic PT-EZ580LU 5400 Lumens WUXGA 3LCD Projector with No Lens
Panasonic PT-VX400U HD projector 4000 Lums.
ProMediaGear VS24 Curved track shown - PMG-DUO 24 Inch Video Slider + Carrying Case
ProMediaGear BIC1K Modular Ball Mounting System Kit with #HC1 Handle
ProMediaGear BLH2 Rigid Tube / Light Stand Mount. 19mm-42mm Diameter for BLBP2 Profoto B2 Cage.
ProMediaGear BLPB2 Profoto B2 Battery Pack Cage with Stud for B2 Head
ProMediaGear BLS2 Machined Rosette with 1/4-20 Quick-Disconnect Knob and 1/4-20 Bottom Female Adapter
ProMediaGear Boomerang, for Cameras with Vertical Grip, +QR +UNIVERSAL PLATE - BBGv2-PBX3-B Blue
Promediagear Boomerang, for Cameras with Vertical Grip, +QR +UNIVERSAL PLATE - BBGv2-PBX3-G Gold
ProMediaGear Boomerang, for Cameras with Vertical Grip, +QR +UNIVERSAL PLATE - BBGv2-PBX3-P Purple
ProMediagear Controller with motor Motor Control for PMG-DUO Sliders VSMDC1
ProMediaGear CS2 Cold Shoe Pro top or bottom mounted adapter with Captive Screw
ProMediaGear DSLR handle with camera plate HB70QR-PBx3
ProMediaGear GT1 Tomahawk - Gimbal attachment for Ball Heads
ProMediaGear Handle for DSLR camera HB70QR
ProMediaGear HIC1 Leather Handle, 5/8" Top Mount w/ Flat
ProMediaGear PLX4 4 inch Universal L bracket
ProMediaGear BBX-PBX3BD - Boomerang Flash Bracket with PBX3RD Plate all camera bodies
ProMediaGear BH1 Pro Ball Head
ProMediaGear BIC1 Modular Ball Mounting System for Ice Light
ProMediaGear BLAS5S 5" Tall 5/8" Light Stud Adapter for Profoto B1 B2 Broncolor Elichrom Standard Lightstand Mount
ProMediaGear BLSA Light Stud Adapter for Profoto B1 B2 Broncolor Elichrom Standard Lightstand Mount
ProMediaGear BLSA5A Light adaptor spigot
ProMediaGear BLSAT 5/8" Stainless Steel Light Spigot with 1/4-20 Top Mounted Screw
ProMediaGear CS60 Slider Clamp works with PMG-DUO Sliders
ProMediaGear GK Katana Gimbal Head
ProMediagear HM1 Tilt head for monopod
ProMediaGear PLC5D3 Canon 5Ds 5DsR 5D Mark 3 Body L-Bracket
ProMediaGear PLCBGE11 Canon 5Ds 5DSR 5D Mark 3 BG-E11 L-Bracket
ProMediaGear PLX3 L bracket universal
ProMediaGear SS1-PBX3 Quick-Release Shoulder Strap
ProMediaGear VRC1K Adjustable C-Cage with Handle Kit
ProMediaGear VS 36 PMG-DUO 36 Inch Interview Video Slider with Straight track
ProMediagear VS 48 Curved and Straight PMG-DUO 48 Inch Video Slider+ Carrying Case
ProMediaGear VS32 PMG-DUO 32 Inch Video Slider + Carrying Case (Interview Slider)
ProMediaGear VS368 PMG-DUO 36 Inch Interview Video Slider with Straight track and 8 foot curve track
ProMediaGear VS48-VSMDC1 PMG Duo slider 48 inches with motor control
ReplayXD 1080 Mini Video Action Camera System
Sachtler ACE M payload range of 0 to 4 kilograms (0 to 8.8 lbs), a 5-step counterbalance and the new patented SA-drag
Sachtler Ace M MS entry level tripod
Sachtler Reporter 100H DLF 200 Tungsten Luminaire light Pre owned
Sanken CS 1 condenser mic.
SmallHD DP4 MON-DP4-SON ( open Box Item)
Snell and Wilcox ARC20/20 RMTE ASpect Ratio Converter
Soliton GPS Plus Streaming Transmission system for law enforcement
Soliton STC Telecaster Live Streaming transmission system for smart phones
Soliton ZAO H.265 Transmission system Call for price
Sony A8267235C DXC 537 VF Slide Assy.
Sony DSR 50 portable DV camcorder
Sony DSR 80 Dvcam recorder with SDI option , low hrs.
Sony DXC D30WS system , CCU, St mon, Eng Mon, Canon 18x lens
Sony DXC D50WS Camera chain system with Remote, CCU and cable
Sony ECM 44B Lav. Mic.
Sony Eye Cup A8319943B BVW 400A
Sony HDW F900 Cine Alta camera's
Sony HXR NX5 camcorder with hard drive and two batteries ( pre owned )
Sony PMW EX1 with many accessories
Sony UWPD11/14, Bodypack-Lavalier Mic ENG package, CH14
Sony UWPD11/30 Bodypack-Lavalier Mic ENG package, CH30
Sound Devices 664 production mixer package includes carrying case (Pre Owned)
Unity Intercom systems 14 Day Free Trial
Varizoom focus control for Canon B mount lens FC-C
Varizoom Pro C zoom control for B mount Canon lens
Vibe Base Surface Part # VX-bs-srfac-1
Vibe Virb adapter VX-kt-gvirb-1
Vibe X Add an angle part # VX-mt-angle-1
Vibe X Base Block part # VX-bs-block-1
Vibe X Base O clamp Part # VX-bs-oclmp-1
Vibe X Base U clamp part # VX-bs-uclmp-1
Vibe X Base V block Wing Strut part # VX-bs-vblck-1
Vibe X Fine adjustment kit part # VX-kt-finea-1
Vibe X GoPro adapter Part # VX-kt-gopro-1
Vibe X Mount Anti vibration mount for action camera. VX-MT-STND-1
Vibe X Mount Plus part # VX-mt-plus-1
Vibe X SLR adapter Part # VX-kt-slr-1
Vibe X stud Adapter VX-bs-studa-1
Video Patch Bays ADC PPI2226 RS-BK
Vinten Vision 30 Fluid Head, with 1 handle, Mount Plate and heavy-duty Case
Vinten Vision Pedestal 3320 Pre owned with dolly
VS24-VSMDC1 PMG Duo 24 inch slider with motor control
Yamaha WZ3 14:4:2 live mixer , 10 input analog
Zao S Smart-Telecaster newest and smallest H.265 encoder ( call for Price)
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