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Soliton Smart-Telecaster Zao S , newest and smalllest H.265 encoder
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Soliton ZAO H.265 Transmission system Call for price

Part Number 892
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Soliton ZAO H.265 Transmission system   Call for price
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Soliton ZAO H.265 Transmission system


Smart-telecaster Zao Delivers H.265 Hardware Encoder for Mobile Broadcasting and First Responder Markets.

Solitons Zao provides a live broadcasting link anywhere there is a connection. It allows broadcasters to transmit high quality one-way video and two-way audio via 3G/LTE/Wi-Fi networks. H.265/HEVC video compression standard ensures efficient and robust transmission even in localities with extremely limited bandwidth. The encoder can be attached to any camera and is also offered in a backpack solution specially designed for the equipment allowing broadcasters to get to essential events and locations quicker and easier.

Key features

Soliton’s proprietary RASCOW™ transmission technology

• Stable video/audio transmission, even over fluctuating mobile networks
• Support of eight mobile channels
• Low-latency capability to enable communication with the site

High-quality image and sound
• Originally developed H.265/HEVC hardware encoder
• Improved image quality of full HD at low bit rate
• 48kHz voice frequency supported

Compact size and lightweight

• Dedicated designed compact chassis (WHD: 4.84"x6.3"x1.8": Weight: 1.95LB | 123x160x46mm; Weight: 890g)
• Original transition bag with rain cover
• Optional camera mount kit

Low power consumption

• Power consumption: 28Wh
• Operating time: more than five hours with IDX DUO-150 battery
• Redundant power supply

Simple operation

• Three buttons enable intuitive operation
• Remote configuration from smartphone app

Cost reduction of the receiving device

• Software upgrade for the receiving device
• Compatibility with previous models (Smart-telecaster HD, Smart-telecaster for iOS ML)

Zao, Midwest Digital and Loyola streaming 8 MBPS in the downtown area of Chicago. from Brian Falatovich on Vimeo.

Zao is ideally designed for mobile streaming, live sports and journalism applications, connecting up to 6 mobile modems for transmission of high quality real-time video streaming over networks of IP-based transmission such as 3G, 4G / LTE / WiFi and BGAN. Key features include a super lightweight design, low power consumption, intuitive three button operation and remote configuration and monitoring from a smartphone (iOS/Android) mobile app. The encoder deploys a proprietary transmission technology known as RASCOW that dynamically adjusts video compression ratios and frame rates providing extremely low-latency and stable video/audio transmission, even over fluctuating mobile networks.

The encoder utilizes High Efficiency Video Coding (H.265/HEVC) developed to provide twice the compression efficiency of the previous standard, H.264/AVC and allows video to be compressed to a file that is about half the bit rate of AVC. At typical consumer video distribution bit rates, HEVC is able to compress video twice as efficiently as AVC. The result is a significantly improved image quality of full HD at a low bit rate. HEVC efficiency is also important for 4K video, and will be fundamental in delivering 4K content to televisions, computers and tablets in the coming years. HEVC enables coding of a larger range of macro block sizes up to 64 x 64 pixels verses 16 x 16 for AVC allowing low complexity areas to be described more efficiently. The gains in compression efficiency and lower bandwidth requirements of HEVC provide benefits for both 4K and HD through monetary savings and expanded access.

The Smart-telecaster Zao supports a HD-SDI/HDMI(1080i) video interface to achieve unprecedented high quality digital video even in the most challenging locations. The proprietary RASCOW technology provides unprecedented stability in image transmission, even under network congestion or weak network signals and provides dedicated bandwidth for audio. STC HD View is the Windows based receiving/viewing software that provides real-time video decoding, receives up to 4 units simultaneously, and supports 2-way audio streams for interactive interviews. The Soliton Zao is providing a state-of-the- art, reliable alternative for mobile broadcasters to transition from costly conventional satellite transmission.

  • Worlds First Live Mobile Broadcasting system in H.265
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